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Oğan said, “I am explaining it here for the first time. What was done to Ms. Meral Akşener, Ms. Muharrem İnce and us before the election and what was done to us today had a huge impact on our decision. Democracy is just a word for them. They have developed a different culture of lynching. FETO With this culture of lynching, they say ‘Get out.’ It was out of the question for me to be back.”

Sinan Oğan stated that they fought for the elections decisively and said, “We consulted with our base and our friends and we saw that the right decision was to support the candidate of the People’s Alliance, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We believe that Turkish nationalists and Atatürkists will support this right decision together with us. Would we support Qandil instead of Karabakh? Would we support those who say, “Turkey is sending jihadists there” to Turkey’s struggle in Karabakh? Would we be where HDP members are instead of where our Ahıska brothers are? Would we be with those who try to build different worlds for themselves? he said.

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Underlining that Kılıçdaroğlu made some suggestions to them in their meetings, Ogan said:

Needing the HDP’s support and the promise of an effective fight against the PKK did not stand together, it stopped there temporarily. This was one of the main reasons why we made this decision. We have demonstrated our principle of stable struggle against all kinds of terrorist organizations. When our President talked about this, he said, ‘We are already fighting against all kinds of terrorist organizations, we will continue the effective and stable struggle after you join us.’ said. For the first 4 articles of the Constitution ‘Of course. Our red line.’ said. Article 66. When I said this, Erdogan was surprised and said, ‘How so? We don’t have a problem with that.’ said. ‘Mr. President, you don’t have it, but Ali Babacan has a problem with it. I said, ‘Let’s put it so that the hand can see the world. Babacan in the Nation Alliance has a problem with article 66. How would we stand side by side with those who removed the definition of Turkishness from the Constitution? The issue is not only that there is no HDP there, the HDP has others in mind as well.”

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