Second Sumudica period in Gaziantep FK – Last Minute Sports News


Romanian coach Sumudica said that he loves Gaziantep very much and is happy to meet the fans again.

Stating that he saw Gaziantep FK as his home, Sumudica continued as follows:

“It wasn’t easy for me but I came here with my heart open. I feel like this is my own home. This place has given me everything before. I tried to give everything to this city too. I wanted to joke in an interview, of course I didn’t think it would be such a problem. Later in the city “There was sensitivity to this joke. I apologized to everyone. But it was too late. Both I and the city lost since then. I apologize to everyone again. It’s a big risk for me to come here right now. I’m buying a team right now, but I don’t know how to prepare.”

Sumudica stated that he has command of the team and does not have enough information, “I have not made any transfers here. I only know 4-5 players with whom I have worked before. We will transfer 3-4 more players. My aim is to play good football this year with the new players to come. “I don’t even think about it. I have a career of 20 years. I have not been relegated to a lower league with any team. This will not happen in Gaziantep FK.” he said.


Emphasizing that he has changed a lot, Sumudica concluded his speech as follows:

“You’ll find a different Sumudica. Of course you won’t see that Sumudica dancing before because I’ve changed a lot. I just want to focus on football. If you give everything to football, it will give you everything. I don’t have a magic wand to change everything tomorrow. But this “The team will play a good football. He will give everything to the field. I will instill my own mentality in the player. Anyone who does not comply will be out of the field.”

After the speeches, Sumudica signed a contract that tied him to the team until the end of the season.

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