Second round statement from ADD: Secular or theocratic?

Kemalist Thought Association (ADD) gave the votes to the voters for the second round of the presidential election. “Vote” he called.

In a written statement from ADD, “Beyond determining who our new president will be with our votes, we will answer the question ‘Is it the one-man regime that creates serious crises in every field, or the democratic legal order that will pave the way for peace, tranquility and prosperity?’ The votes we will cast tomorrow will answer the question, ‘Should we continue to be the honorable member of the civilized world, a secular republic, or should we march towards being a theocratic state struggling in the swamp of the Middle East on the axis of Western imperialism?’ expressions were used.

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In the statement, citizens “from change” stating that it is believed that they will vote in favor of “The day is not only the day of voting, it is also the day to ensure that our environment goes to the ballot box, not to leave the ballot boxes until the last vote is counted, and to protect the wet signed minutes” it was said. In the statement, “Come, let’s have a wedding night tomorrow night. Lets” was called.

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(Husnu Bozkurt)


Speaking to Cumhuriyet, ADD President Husnu Bozkurt, tomorrow’s election “It is of vital importance” by emphasizing “We think that it is possible for our people to get rid of this bad language that destroys Turkey’s internal peace, in which people are constantly marginalized and insulted, in tomorrow’s election.” used the phrase.

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Bozkurt also evaluated the protocol signed between the Victory Party and the CHP. “This protocol is a fully compatible text with the Manifesto of the Atatürk Republic Again, which we published.” said.

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