Second round headlines in the world press

The election marathon in Turkey is over. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was elected once again. The world press closely followed the first 2nd tour in the history of Türkiye.

The US-based CNBC channel covered the second round with the headline “Turkey’s President Erdogan has entered the third decade of his rule by winning the election”. In the news, it was emphasized that Erdogan made the gap in the first round and secured the second round.

The British Time newspaper, on the other hand, carried the critical election in Turkey to its readers with the headline “Erdogan passed the biggest election test”. The report drew attention to Erdogan’s words, “Today the only winner is Turkey.”

Bloomberg Magazine ran the headline “Erdogan won the election despite expectations” about the second round. In the news, it was stated that Erdogan won “a victory that was considered unlikely until a few weeks ago”.

Qatar-based Al Jazeera Television reported on Erdogan’s victory as “Turkey’s Erdogan was re-elected President.” The article included the sentence “Erdogan in power has won his third term with strong momentum after a tough second round”.

The US-based New York Times newspaper, on the other hand, conveyed the developments in the Presidential election to its readers under the headline “Erdogan declared victory in the second round”. The President’s words “not until the market, but until the grave” were highlighted in the news.

The second round was also followed closely in the British press. The Guardian newspaper reported the President’s victory announcement with the words “Erdogan thanked the voters for giving them the opportunity to rule Turkey for another five years”.

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