Sanctions on Wagner official from the USA – World News

A new US sanction came to the Russian mercenary group Wagner. In a statement made by the US Treasury Department, the Russian mercenary group Wagner announced that they had sanctioned Ivan Alexander Maslov, the head of the Wagner military group in Mali, for trying to obtain military equipment for the war in Ukraine through covert operations in Mali and other African countries. The statement said the United States had sanctioned Maslov for using forged paperwork to provide military equipment via Mali for use in the war in Ukraine.

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In the statement, which stated that Wagner had committed human rights violations, the statement also said, “The existence of the Wagner group on the African continent is a destabilizing force for any country that allows the group’s resources to be deployed in their jurisdiction.” Working for Wagner, Maslov is seen as a key figure with operations in various African countries, including Mali. In recent months, the US has defined Wagner as a transnational criminal organization and has imposed sanctions on Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigojin and other high-ranking officials.

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