Sacha Boey decision from Okan Buruk

Okan Buruk, who made a statement after the match, said, “We were the superior side from the beginning to the end. We caught the clearest positions possible in such a match and therefore we drew. We are sorry for the 2 points we missed.”

Buruk said, “For a newly formed team, we will continue by putting it on top of this in the coming weeks, hopefully by entering more goal positions and scoring more goals.” He also saves the goals he will eat. There are such things in football,” he said.

Speaking about the transfer, Okan Buruk said, “We want to make our squad stronger. If we can add at least 3 more players… We have been making a great effort for this for a long time. Sacha will continue with us. He was one of the best in our team in terms of performance.” he said.

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