Russia G20 Summit statement: A turning point for the world economic balance – Last Minute World News

Lavrov emphasized that the declaration includes the work of India and those who think similarly, who do not allow any kind of politicization of the activities of the structure created to solve global economic and financial problems.

Pointing out that the G20 Leaders Summit in New Delhi was a turning point in terms of directives to ensure the balance of global economic interests, Lavrov continued as follows:

“The declaration is a reminder of everything that needs to be implemented in line with long-standing promises to ensure the balance of interests in the world economy. The path is not short, but nevertheless the current summit has become to some extent a turning point in terms of a clear focus on such tasks.”

Lavrov explained that the declaration specifically formulates the reform tasks of the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization and emphasizes that the West must fulfill its promises regarding technology transfer to the countries of the Global South.

Minister Lavrov stated that the summit was a success for everyone, including the Indian government.


In response to a question, Lavrov reminded that some officials in Armenia made statements that “Moscow gave Karabakh to Azerbaijan” and emphasized that these statements were completely wrong and “dishonest”.

Lavrov reminded that Armenia itself accepted that this region is a part of Azerbaijan with the Madrid Principles.

Commenting on Armenia’s planned military exercise with the USA next week, Lavrov said:

“We regret the actions of the Armenian administration. Of course, we do not see it as a good thing that an aggressive NATO country is trying to enter the South Caucasus. I do not think this is good for anyone, including Armenia. Wherever the Americans appear, they have hundreds of bases all over the world, this is nowhere It doesn’t lead to a good outcome.”

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