Return to work after obesity aesthetics should be waited for 3 weeks

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ali Gökkaya talked about the things to be considered in aesthetic procedures after the obesity operation.


Stating that the body deformations due to sudden weight loss after the bariatric surgery method create an aesthetically bad appearance, Op. Dr. Ali Gökkaya, “Postbariatric surgery is performed by a plastic surgery specialist. It consists of combined treatments that intervene in more than one area of ​​the body. Therefore, it is of great importance that the patient is suitable for this operation. A detailed physical examination is performed by the surgeon before the procedure. During this examination, it is determined which parts of the body will be intervened. A surgical plan is prepared. Surgery is usually required for deformations in the arm and abdomen. The face, jowl, hip and buttocks are also the areas that are intervened from time to time”.


Postbariatric surgery; Underlining that it should be done in case of sudden weight loss and sagging in different parts of the body after stomach reduction surgery, Op. Dr. Ali Gökkaya shared the following information:

“It is usually needed after bariatric surgery. All sagging in the body is recovered. Excess weight causes people to feel bad and cause physiological disorders. It causes metabolic disorders such as blood pressure and diabetes. Therefore, people with a body mass index above normal may need bariatric surgery to lead a healthy life. Bariatric surgery is not just a procedure applied for aesthetic purposes. It is necessary for the person to continue his/her daily life without any problems and to increase the quality of life. In general, postbariatric surgery allows people to achieve the fit image they dream of and to wear the clothes they want comfortably in all seasons. Having a fit body makes people feel good psychologically and be active in social life.”

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Stating that after the postbariatric surgery performed under general anesthesia, the patient can be discharged on the same day after the operation, but patients with a low pain threshold and who think that they will feel better in the hospital can stay in the hospital for one night. Dr. Ali Gökkaya said that, apart from this, doctors may want to keep patients who are older and at risk of embolism under control, and that the patient should be kept under observation for one night to avoid risk in such cases.


Emphasizing that postbariatric surgery can be applied to people with a body mass index of 40 and above who have undergone bariatric surgery, Op. Dr. Ali Gökkaya said:

“The size of the stomach is reduced in bariatric surgery. Depending on the reduction in stomach size, weight loss begins suddenly and quickly. Since patients cannot exercise after surgery, sagging occurs in different parts of their bodies as a result of sudden weight loss. These saggings cause deterioration of the appearance from an aesthetic point of view. This operation is suitable for people who cannot be active in social life due to body deformations and cannot wear the clothes they want comfortably. People who are in good general health and who do not have any health barriers for surgery can have postbariatric surgery.

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Adding that it will take 2 weeks to return to daily life after the surgery, Op. Dr. Ali Gökkaya stated that the use of corsets during this period is necessary for the reduction of swelling and reduction of pain.

Stating that it is necessary to wait at least 3 weeks to return to business life, Op. Dr. Ali Gökkaya said, “You should stay away from work that requires high energy expenditure during this period. You should avoid procedures that will increase the pain in your body. Do not rush to exercise. At least 1 month should be waited to exercise after the surgery. Wounds need 1 month to heal and adapt to the new shape of the body. At the end of this period, after the doctor’s permission, light-paced exercises can be started. For heavy sports types, at least 6 months should be waited. Otherwise, the sutures and muscles may be damaged. People who have an intense work tempo should definitely ask the doctor for permission to return to work.


Pointing out that there are important points to be considered after the surgery, Op. Dr. Gökkaya listed them as follows:

“Painkillers and antibiotics prescribed by the doctor should be used for 1 week. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for the first 4 weeks. If a drain was inserted during the surgery, these drains are removed after 24 hours. A body corset is used for at least 3 weeks after the procedure. The use of corsets is recommended for the body to regain its new shape. Compression stockings are used to eliminate the risk of embolism after postbariatric surgery. Substances that will affect the healing process, such as alcohol and cigarettes, should not be used. People who work very actively in business life and are constantly on their feet should rest for a long time. Otherwise, the sutures may be damaged and complications may develop. For this reason, you should give your doctor more detailed information about your job and avoid applications that will put you in trouble. A person’s work life is one of the important factors that affect the recovery process.

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Emphasizing that everyone with a body mass index of 40 and above is a suitable candidate for postbariatric surgery, Op. Dr. Ali Gokkaya; However, he stated that this operation cannot be performed because pregnant women, nursing mothers, cancer patients, heart patients, those with uncontrolled diabetes, those who are overweight and especially those with bleeding and coagulation disorders have a high risk of embolism.

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