Regulation on artificial intelligence from China in effect on October 1

This first regulation at the provincial level in China’s artificial intelligence industry will come into effect on October 1. Artificial intelligence is one of the three leading industries that Shanghai is trying to develop by concentrating resources.

AI will be powered by public knowledge for industrial development

According to the arrangement, local authorities will support the creation and use of public computing resource platforms, provide public computing power support for artificial intelligence technology and industrial development.

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The regulation aims to foster overall innovation and breakthroughs in the AI ​​industry by supporting the development of AI core industries and increasing the clustering of AI businesses.

‘Flexible control system’

In the regulation, it was stated that the city government will explore rating management and sandbox inspection, a flexible control system in technological innovation, to support the innovation capacity of various organizations and expand the development space for the artificial intelligence industry.

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The regulation also requires the establishment of a committee of experts in the ethics of artificial intelligence and strengthening the protection of user groups, including the elderly, the disabled, women and children.

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