“Red-orange color” warning that disturbs Izmir Bay – Last Minute Turkey News

Explaining that such algae multiply excessively and the cover formed in the environment reduces the amount of oxygen, Dr. Kesici said, “This situation causes turbidity and an increase in biochemical reactions in the environment. By preventing the rays from reaching the bottom, it increases the bacteriation in the bottom mud. These negativities cause a decrease in the biological diversity in the marine ecosystem with their toxic effects. “It’s not a biological phenomenon,” he said.

Noting that the Izmir Bay has a very delicate balance, Dr. Kesici said, “It should be protected and used with care, not temporary, but with scientific solutions. The Gulf is under very heavy pressure from cultural pollution. Odor and visual pollution that greatly affects life in the bay in summer, the effect of the excessive increase in sea lettuce, the algae explosion, which is an indicator of pollution, comes and goes. “They should not be seen as temporary and should not be ignored. These are known as signs of pollution of the sea. Worse still, after a certain period of time, these clumps of objects will collapse to the bottom and consume the oxygen in the sea water to break down, and meanwhile, mass or partial deaths can be seen in the living things that are deprived of oxygen,” he said.

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