Rating results November 24, 2022… Which series is first according to the rating order of the series?

It is curious which productions are placed in the first rankings. The winners of November 24 were announced in the ratings, in which TV series, competition programs and news bulletins took the first place. As it is known, every morning, the results of the previous day’s rating are announced. The most watched productions of yesterday were determined by the preferences of the audience. So, which TV series and program was watched the most yesterday? Here is the 24 November 2022 first rating…

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The ratings of the programs broadcast on November 24 were announced.

In Total, “Girl in the Glass” met the audience on Kanal D, “Portugal-Ghana FIFA 2022 World Cup Match”, which was screened on TRT1 in the second place, and “Deception”, which was broadcast on ATV, took the third place.

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In the EU, “Girl in the Glass” took the 1st place, “Portugal-Ghana FIFA 2022 World Cup Match” and “Brazil-Serbia FIFA 2022 World Cup Match” broadcast on TRT1 took the 3rd place.

Thursday series of all channels.. Which series are there tonight? TV streaming 24 November 2022!

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