Rating results announced September 22, 2022. What was the most watched last night?

Rating results of the day are followed regularly. According to the rating results of September 22, 2022, the top ten productions in the EU and total ratings were announced.


The rating results of the programs broadcast on September 23 were announced.

“Turkey-Luxembourg UEFA Nations League Match”, which met with the audience on TRT1, in the 1st place in Total, “Deception”, the first episode of which was screened on ATV, in the 2nd place, and “Gelsin Hayat Knows As” broadcast on Show TV, in the 3rd place. took.

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In the EU, “Turkey-Luxembourg UEFA Nations League Match” is at the 1st place, “The Girl in the Glass” broadcast on Kanal D is at the 2nd place, “Masterchef Turkey” is at the 3rd place on TV8, and the new series of ATV is “Deception”. He was ranked 7th.

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