Quran provocation in the USA

After Sweden and Denmark, the Holy Quran was attacked in America. An unidentified person went to the front of Turkey’s New York Consulate General and Turkish House building. Then he threw the English edition of the Holy Quran to the ground and kicked it. The security guard immediately intervened and removed the provocateur from the area. The incident was reported to both the New York Police Department and diplomatic security officials.

The US State Department made a statement regarding the Islamophobic attack and condemned the provocation. It was stated that the USA sees freedom of expression as an element of democracy, and it was stated that any disrespect of the holy book is a “disgusting act”.

The statement also made reference to US President Joe Biden’s anti-Islamophobia remarks at the Eid al-Fitr reception. Biden had said that they were determined to oppose all forms of hatred, including anti-Islamism.

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