Putin’s message from Brazilian President Lula da Silva that left its mark on the G20

Many issues were discussed at the G20 Leaders Summit, which started yesterday in India.

The joint final declaration was approved by the signatures of all participants. While the declaration thanked Turkey for its contribution to the grain agreement, condemning the war in Ukraine without mentioning Russia was perceived as an effort by the G20 countries to find balance.

Indian Prime Minister Modi handed the presidential gavel to Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, officially handing over the G20 presidency to Brazil.

A Putin statement came from Silva, which entered the world’s agenda at the top of the agenda.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin on the grounds that he committed war crimes in Ukraine, and the Russian leader’s foreign trips were almost cut off like a knife after this decision.

Brazilian leader Putin announced his decision to the world. Speaking to Firstpost News program on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in New Delhi, Lula said Putin will be invited to next year’s event.

Lula added that Putin will not be arrested in Brazil if he attends the meeting to be held in Rio de Janeiro next year.

Lula said in his statement: ‘I believe that Putin can easily go to Brazil. “What I can tell you is that if I become the president of Brazil and he comes to Brazil, there is no way he will be arrested,” he said.


Russia praised the G20 summit declaration for refraining from directly criticizing Moscow over the war in Ukraine, saying G20 leaders acted in the interest of resolving the conflict.

Russia’s G20 representative, Sherpa Svetlana Lukash, emphasized the importance of the BRICS countries in the G20 and made the following assessment;

‘First of all, the collective position of the BRICS countries and their partners worked, everything was reflected in a balanced way.’


On the other hand, Modi announced that the leaders of the G20 countries reached a consensus on granting the African Union (AfB) permanent member status within the G20. In his opening speech of the summit, Modi said, “I invite the representative of the African Union to take his place as a permanent member of the G20.”


At a time when there were discussions about changing the name of the country to “Bharat” in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote “Bharat” instead of “India” on the country plaque in front of him while giving the opening speech of the summit.

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