prof. Dr. Üstün Dökmen addressed millions of disappointed voters: It’s time for new goals

After President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was re-elected as president, he felt that he had lost about 25 million voters who did not vote for Erdoğan, and he was in a desperate mood. Psychologist Prof., who knows how to get rid of this hopeless mood and disappointment of citizens who do not support Erdoğan. Dr. Üstün Dökmen evaluated the Republic. Dökmen said that new targets for the future should be determined in order for this segment to rise again and said, “We should not give up, we should not give up. “The wind passes, the ears bend, and then they stand up again,” he said.

prof. Dr. Dökmen listed what needs to be done to rekindle hope as follows:


Many difficult situations can arise in life. After these troubled situations, our main strategy should be to learn from the past. We may be upset about the situation for a few days, but it is unrealistic to be upset for a few months. We should learn from the past and think about why this situation has arisen. We should talk to each other and exchange ideas.


We can blame politicians, but just blaming them is not enough. We must also play a role. In a song, the phrase “You fill it and I drink it” is mentioned. It’s not a correct analogy here. Why is he pouring and I am drinking? Let’s fill and drink. Now we look at politicians in the same way with the understanding of “You fill it and I drink it”. This is not functional. Disappointed people should take an active role in politics from now on, not expect from others. Since my childhood, I have heard the words of our elders, “Even if Atatürk comes to save us”. Atatürk did not come, so why don’t you become a small-scale Atatürk? This is waiting outside. Everyone should put their hands on the stone. Also, a different perspective is required from now on.


Underlining that the 25 million disappointed voters should have a target for the future, Prof. Dr. Üstün Dökmen said, “He should prepare for his goal and the new exam in front of him. If he thinks this way, he will be in good spirits. The society and groups should be the target for the future. We must be in ‘resilience’. We should not give up like the ‘Hacıyatmaz’ toy,” he said.

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