Presidential Election: Buncombe County polls goes with Bernie, collapse other state trends

ASHEVILLE, N.C – Joe Biden may have won North Carolina’s Autonomous governmental key, however the substantial bulk of all Buncombe Region citizens verified Bernie Sanders.

Outcomes reveal Sanders catching 38% of the ballot along with 23,227 tallies. Biden finished 2nd adhered to by Michael Bloomberg as well as Elizabeth Warren with 10,582.

From the Autonomous principal for UNITED STATE Us senate, Buncombe Region citizens toss 33,127 tallies for Cal Cunningham, that got 58.04 portion of their ballot. Erica D. Smith was together with 18,618 ballots.

From the race to obtain that the UNITED STATE Us Senate, Thom Tillis (14,520 ballots) was the frustrating prominent with Buncombe Area citizens, gathering 77.32 percent of tallies cast. Larry Holmquist (1,501), Paul Wright (1,471) and also Sharon Y. Hudson (1,288) complied with.

From the Autonomous race to the UNITED STATE Legislature Area 11, Moe Davis (27,791 ballots) confiscated 49.11 percent of their ballot. Gina Collias (13,173 ballots), Michael O’Shea (7,176), Phillip G. Rate (4,920) and also Steve Woodsmall (3,528) adhered to.

From the Republican race to the UNITED STATE Legislature Area 11, Buncombe Region citizens liked Madison Cawthorn (4,705 ballots), followed closely by Lynda Bennett (4,629), Chuck Archerd (3,027) as well as Jim Davis (2,069).

From the Autonomous race for guv, incumbent Roy Cooper (53,512 ballots) obtained a tremendous 90.57 portion of their enact Buncombe Area. Ernest T. Reeves built up 5,572 ballots.

From the Republican race for guv, Buncombe Region citizens verified Dan Woodland (15,798 ballots) followed closely by Holly Grange (2,655).

Terry Van Duyn (35,752 ballots) has actually been the frustrating fave from the Autonomous race for lieutenant guv. She was followed closely by Yvonne Lewis Holley (9,287) as well as Chaz Beasley (3,461).

From the Republican race for lieutenant guv, Buncombe Area citizens went Mark Robinson (5,785 ballots), adhered to by Andy Wells (3,232) and also Mark Johnson (2,109).

From the Autonomous race to its N.C. State Us senate Area 48 chair, Buncombe Area citizens chose Brian Caskey (3,582 ballots), followed closely by Cristal Figueroa (2,921) as well as Najah Undergrowth (1,445).

From the Autonomous race to its N.C. State Us senate Area 49 chair, Julie Mayfield (31,910 ballots) beat the location, obtaining 67.54 portion of tallies cast. Ben Scales (8,790) as well as Travis Smith (6,544) adhered to.

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