President Erdoğan’s statement about the meeting with Biden: It is not right for them to link the F-16 issue to Sweden – Last Minute Turkey News

Breaking news! Highlights from President Erdoğan’s statements;

“We are a country that has made a great contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement. We have addressed the problems of the planet.


The seas became refugee cemeteries. The return of the displaced to their countries should be ensured.

600 thousand Syrians returned to their country. As the projects increase, this number will also increase.

As a country that experienced the disaster of the century 6 months ago, we are ready to help Morocco.

Despite all the rhetoric, we cannot feel safe in a world where human life is becoming increasingly worthless.


We continue to work hard to end the Russia-Ukraine war. Thanks to the Black Sea Grain Corridor, 33 thousand tons of grain reached the market. We talked about this issue in detail during my visit to Sochi at the weekend, upon the invitation of Mr. Putin.

A solution that excludes Russia is unrealistic. We think that any steps that would increase tension in the Black Sea should be avoided. We will continue our contacts with Russia, Ukraine and the United Nations.

We will deliver 1 million tons of grain with Russia and Qatar.

We wish the African Union’s G20 membership to be beneficial.

We see that some countries are taking precautions against Islamophobia. We condemned the attacks on the Holy Quran in the G20 declaration. Targeting Muslims is inhumane.

As part of my visit, we had a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi. We agreed to cooperate with our largest trading partner in South Asia.

The Medium Term Program was also appreciated here.

As of now, our Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of Transport are in cooperation.


Our meeting with the Prince of Saudi Arabia was generally related to bilateral relations. We evaluated political, economic and cultural relations.

I had a meeting with Mr. Aliyev today. I will also have a meeting with Mr. Pashinyan tomorrow. The steps taken by Armenia are not correct. Armenia’s choice is not an acceptable choice.


Frankly, I do not agree with these criticisms. Russia has imported 33 million tons of grain so far. The West took 44 percent of this. You got 14 percent from Africa. Mr. Putin complains that the ‘West’ does not keep its promises. The West wants to deliver grain to poor countries for free. Türkiye and Qatar also think this way. Mr. Putin accepted 1 million tons. We also discussed this issue with Mr. Lavrov. Africa is waiting for Russia for grain.

I’m not worried about the grain corridor becoming functional again. We wrote a letter to Mr. Guterres on this issue. We will follow up on this too.

Frankly, in my opinion, the African Union’s membership in the G20 is a positive development. I think that from this point onwards, G20 countries will keep their relations with Africa sensitive.


We discussed the F-16 issue with Mr. Biden, albeit casually. But unfortunately, friends say Sweden is also Sweden. This approach saddens us. I have an answer for this. You say Congress, I also have the Turkish Grand National Assembly. I cannot make a statement about Sweden unless the Turkish Grand National Assembly approves it. I am loyal to my Parliament. It is not right to link the F-16 issue to Sweden.

During my last Gulf trip, we signed 13 agreements worth 50 billion dollars. Our relations are currently strong.

We are working to help Demzede people return to their normal lives. We will build these houses with horizontal architecture, not vertical architecture.

‘One belt, wire road’ was a Chinese project. “I hope we have to be determined for all of this.”

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