President Erdogan: We walked this road together

According to the unofficial results of the second round elections, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will continue to serve for another five years, receiving 52 percent of the votes.

Addressing the citizens gathered in Beştepe, President Erdoğan said, “We walked this road together. I thank every citizen. We are not the only winners, Turkey is the winner. The winner is our nation with all its segments. The winner is democracy. Today, no one has lost. We are not sad or angry. It is time to put aside all the debates and conflicts regarding the election period and unite around our national goals.” used his statements.

The President said, “The number of CHP deputies in 2018 was 146. In 2023, there is an increase in the number of deputies to 169, as you can see, but there are rental deputies here, 40 leased deputies. He gave 40 leased deputies to parties that received 1 percent of the vote. Number 129 “You can’t say 129 is bigger. You probably can’t say let’s go to those who reduced the number of these deputies. These people did not swallow those who shot the video with the ones in Kandil. Those who said come on, 17 deputies have fallen,” he said.

Erdogan said, “What my brothers were saying, if you want to remove Selo, you will vote for me. My nation knows well that this terrorist who killed 51 Kurdish brothers in Diyarbakir is Selo. “You cannot bring Selo out as you wish. It is not possible for such a thing to develop under our rule. In our government, justice is the essence of property,” he said.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: “The ballot boxes have been closed, phone chains have started to flow. Everyone from the Gulf to England and Russia have conveyed their congratulations. We see that these congratulations will continue tomorrow. They lost. You saw the alliances formed against us, you saw who stood up against us from terrorist organizations to deviant currents. Despite this, they did not succeed, I hope they will not succeed from now on.” he said.

President Erdoğan said, “At the moment, the interest rate has been reduced to 8.5. You will see that inflation will also decrease. They keep watch at the door of the IMF. We are meeting with the IMF President in Davos, then we owe 23.5 billion dollars. “We paid off Turkey’s debts until 2013, and then we’re done with the IMF,” he said.


Before moving to Ankara, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed the citizens who gathered in front of his house in Kısıklı Mahallesi in Üsküdar district of Istanbul.

“We have completed the second round of the presidential election with the favor of our nation. I would like to express my gratitude to my nation for giving us a democracy day between two holidays.” Erdogan said, thanking all the citizens who went to the polls and showed their will for the future of him and his children.

Erdoğan stated that he congratulated all members of the organization, women’s and youth branches, ballot box observers, everyone who voluntarily contributed to the healthy running of the election, the campaign team, women, youth and all his brothers and sisters who set their hearts on the AK Party cause.

“WE WILL BE worthy of your trust”

Thanking everyone who ran to the ballot box in Turkey and abroad with especially high votes compared to the second round, Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“I would like to thank each and every member of our nation, who once again entrusted us with the responsibility of governing the country for the next 5 years with the choice they made. I hope we will be worthy of your trust, we will be worthy as we deserve for 21 years. What did I say: ‘We will be together until the grave, not until the market. ‘ ‘This love does not end here.’ We said, Is that so? Now look, they say ‘Bye bye Kemal’. We always say, ‘This blessed walk will not be unfinished.’ We always said, ‘He who serves is not defeated.’ We always said, ‘Türkiye is entrusted to us, and we are entrusted to Turkey.’ We said.

President Erdoğan said that the presidential election on 28 May was the expression of the love between him and the nation shaped in the fire of democracy.

“Just as iron turns into steel by meeting with fire, your will has become Turkey’s unbending, unbreakable, stainless power at the ballot box.” Referring to Presidential candidate and CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Erdoğan said:

“I am making an account from here to Turkey. ‘I am an account expert.’ He was saying… Do you know what the CHP’s deputies were in 2018? 146. In 2023, the CHP’s deputies increased to 169, that is, in this election. How much? 40. So what happened? Now the CHP has dropped to 129. The account expert knows these things very well. So, probably the CHP will hold this account to Mr. Mr. Kemal because of the deputies they lost. We say that the 14 May election will also be held. The winner of the 28 May election is all of our 85 million citizens.


Reminding that he said one more thing, Erdogan said, “‘We will win in such a way that no one will lose.’ We said, “Then only Turkey wins today. We have now opened the door of the Century of Turkey without compromising our democracy, development and goals, but we opened it together. We have realized the dreams and excitements of all segments of our nation, from men to women, from young to old, from employees to retired. Together we raised the hopes of our friends towards us.” made its assessment.


Stating that the area is magnificent and Kısıklı Square made history, Erdoğan said: “As an Istanbulite, a Üsküdar citizen, and a Kısıklı citizen, I thank God for giving me traveling companions like you. We will celebrate each of our victories together with you again.” said.

Referring to the local elections to be held in 2024, President Erdoğan said, “Now we have 2024 ahead of us. You understand what I mean, right? Are we ready to win both Üsküdar and Istanbul in the local elections in 2024? Then we will not stop, we will work hard.” used his statements.

Sharing information about the number of participants in the field, Erdogan said, “I said from the police at the moment, how many citizens do I have in Kısıklı Square? Do you know what the number is? 55 thousand. Elections come and go, the flood goes away. The main thing is that our country does not deviate from its goals, and that our nation should protect its unity and solidarity. This is the biggest message of today’s elections.” he said.


“The election results have shown once again that no one can covet the gains of this country.” Erdogan said, “Now the countries of the world are calling. My brother, President of Azerbaijan, Ilham just called. My brother, President of Uzbekistan, Şevket Mirziyoyev, called. The Prime Minister of Libya called. They are calling one after the other. And they say, ‘If necessary, announce, invite, and we will come right now. ‘ Because this victory is with us both in the West and in the Gulf… Qatar seeks it, and it also shares this happiness.” said.

President Erdoğan said: “No one can reach out to the rights and freedoms of our people. No one can look down on our nation or insult our people. They cannot drag our youth into their own abysmal darkness. No one can point a finger at Turkey. For this reason, no vehicle can sway our feet from the terrorist organization to dark places. No one can break our nation’s determination to be one, to be big, to be alive, to be brothers, to be Turkey all together.” used his statements.

To the citizens in the area, “My brothers, let’s shout so loud that Ankara can hear it. All districts of Istanbul can hear it.” Erdogan said:

“My brothers, is this CHP LGBT? Is this HDP LGBT? Is this IYI Party LGBT? There are some little guys next to him, are they LGBT too? So, can LGBT infiltrate the AK Party? Can it infiltrate the MHP? Can it infiltrate other members of the People’s Alliance? Here, remember, Yunus said, ‘We are always reborn, who gets tired of us.’ As he said, every choice is a rebirth for us. Our family is sacred. No one can speak out against the family. Violence against women is forbidden in us, it is haram. No one can resort to this and we will squeeze your neck.”

Erdogan said that they will do what they promised to the nation in the coming period, and that they will stick to the principle of not making any promises they cannot keep.


Announcing that he will now set out for Ankara, Erdoğan made a change this time and asked for permission from the citizens to go to the Capital, expressing that he would make his balcony speech from the Kulliye and address the whole world from the Kulliye.

President Erdoğan thanked the earthquake victims in 11 provinces and said, “They cast their votes in containers and tent cities and cast their votes with great dignity. May God be pleased with them. May God protect them from the worst. As I said, I hope we will settle permanent residences within a year.” used his statements.

He said to the citizens in the area, “Let’s shout, let all Turkey hear. Üsküdar will do this, let’s raise our hands. Are we ready?” Erdogan called out, “One nation, one flag, one homeland, one state. We will be one, we will be big, we will be alive, we will be brothers, we will all be Turkey together.” He repeated his statements with the participants.

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