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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the 161st Anniversary Program of the Court of Accounts held at the Presidency of the Court of Accounts.

Stating that the Court of Accounts has had an exceptional position among state organs since its establishment, Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“We have further strengthened this position of the Court of Accounts, which is an auditing body equipped with jurisdiction according to our constitution, with the laws we have enacted. We have included the state-owned enterprises of all civil and military public institutions, and every institution that uses public resources, including municipal companies, within the scope of the audit of the Court of Accounts. By reorganizing the structure of the company, we have made it a supreme audit body and a court of account.”


Stating that the Court of Accounts cannot be replaced in controlling revenues and expenditures in order to contribute to the financial stability of the country, Erdoğan emphasized that the Court of Accounts protects the rights and laws of all 85 million people through its activities on behalf of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

President Erdogan said:

“Our tradesmen who pay their debts to the state by cutting off the sustenance of the children of our workers who take bread to their homes with their sweat, our farmers who work day and night in their fields regardless of the heat of summer and the cold of winter, our industrialists who shoulder the growth of Turkey, the mothers and fathers who strive to raise children who are devoted to their homeland, nation and civilization values, In short, you control the taxes paid by all members of our nation, young and old, men and women, to their state.”

Explaining that this is a difficult task that must be performed with the meticulousness of a jeweler, Erdoğan said, “This is a national duty above all political calculations and considerations. I believe that each of my brothers here at the moment approached and will continue to approach their duty with this sensitivity. I never doubt that they are doing it well. I beg your success from my Lord.” used the phrase.

Erdogan said that on October 29, 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic will be celebrated, and that 85 million will leave all differences aside and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic with great enthusiasm.

Expressing that they will witness the magnificence of the century-old bridge they built from the past to the present, Erdoğan stated that while leaving behind the 100th anniversary of the Republic, they will also sail to new horizons together.

President Erdogan continued as follows:

“We want to make this important anniversary the starting point of a brand new vision that will mark our next century. The name of this is the Turkish Century. The Century of Turkey is a comprehensive roadmap that will carry our country above the level of contemporary civilizations. The Century of Turkey will realize the centuries-old dreams of our nation and achieve much more. is the determination to march towards great goals. The Century of Turkey is the name of 85 million people giving back to back to build the future with the spirit of the War of Independence. I hope we will turn this vision into reality step by step with the unity of 85 million hearts. Our nation had already taken the first step of this in the Parliament on May 14th He also revealed that he embraced the Century of Turkey with the decision he made in the presidential election on May 28.”


Emphasizing that Turkish democracy, which has been subjected to unfair criticism for decades, is indisputably the biggest winner of this election, Erdoğan said, “I would like to thank all the members of my beloved nation who once again took care of their will and future. With 52.18 percent of the vote, we would like to serve our country for another five years. “We carry the responsibility of every brother who offers the opportunity in our hearts. We act responsibly towards our citizens who go to the polls, no matter which way they use their preferences. Just as we have faithfully protected the nation’s trust for 21 years, I hope we will not cast a shadow on this trust from now on.” he said.


Using the phrase, “We will not find peace without Turkey achieving its goals and leaving a country where they can live happily and prosperously for future generations,” Erdogan said, adding that it is very important to establish a harmonious cooperation between the executive, the legislature, the judiciary and the organs of the state.

President Erdoğan said, “This situation is vitally important for a country like us that has suffered from this. We see many examples of it. All of our politicians, from Menderes to Demirel, from Erbakan to Özal, all of whom we commemorate with mercy, have faced this reality.” made its assessment.

Erdogan stated that the majority of the steps they took, thinking for the good of the country and the nation, were prevented by citing different reasons, and that the representatives of the mindset, which considers itself above the national will, in the judiciary, executive and democracy, use the authority given to them by the law not to pave the way for the country, but to protect the status quo.

President Erdogan shared the following views:

“The constitution booklet thrown in front of the deceased Ecevit has been engraved in our memories as a symbol of this. The reforms passed with the appreciation of the national will in the Parliament, including rights and freedoms, have also taken their share from this prohibitive and status quo attitude. Unfortunately, Turkey has lost years worth of gold in this process. faced with bills costing tens of billions of dollars. All segments of our society, from workers to public officials, from producers to tradesmen, have experienced difficulties. Turkish democracy has fallen behind many other countries with which it started the race at the same time. Unfortunately, this is someone. When we took over the task of governing the country in 2002, we have always struggled with the extensions of the same mentality within the state.”

President Erdoğan said that there were periods when they could not appoint bureaucrats for months due to the abuse of powers granted by the Constitution and laws.

Stating that as the ruling party, they wanted to be closed through the files prepared with newspaper clippings, Erdoğan said, “Our reforms, which were passed with the strong will of 411 deputies from the parliament, were likewise blocked and canceled by keeping watch at the court door. Our legal regulations regarding urban transformation projects, the importance of which we better understood, were left in motion. “We were subjected to a coup attempt on the judiciary and security on December 17-25, and a bloody coup attempt on July 15 that killed 252 of our people. Apart from these, we were the target of many secret and open anti-democratic operations.” he said.

Expressing that they have been trying to eliminate all these attempts in the last 21 years by staying on the ground of law, democracy and legitimacy, President Erdoğan continued as follows:

“We have neither bowed down to pressures nor allowed the rule of law to be damaged. We have neither used an authority that our Constitution did not grant, nor have we allowed the usurpation of the nation’s trust. By closing the fault lines between the legislative, executive and judicial organs, we have undertaken historical reforms, works and investments in all fields. We have made a great mentality revolution in our country in the last 21 years. As a result of long efforts, we have ensured that all state institutions work in harmony with unity of purpose, understanding and purpose. After years, we have made the motto ‘Let people live so that the state can live’ once again become the dominant paradigm of our state. Turkey This is the secret of the success story that has written in the last 21 years. Turkey gained great momentum in every field as it got rid of its shackles. This is how our citizens achieved the services they yearned for years later. This is how our democracy reached the level of maturity that the whole world envy today. This is how the successful fight against terrorist organizations was waged. This is how Türkiye came to be a country that is followed carefully in global politics. This is how our economy grew by an average of 5.5 percent every year, despite the crises in the world. This is how Turkey ran from success to success in every field from employment to tourism, from transportation to education, from health to defense industry.


Stating that with the Presidential Government System, a management model in which gains can be consolidated has been achieved, Erdoğan stated that they have personally observed the advantages of the new system in all crises experienced in recent years, including the epidemic period.

Stating that they experienced the contributions of the new administrative system in the fight against the 6 February earthquakes, in which more than 50 thousand lives were buried, Erdoğan said, “We see that this fact is also accepted and appreciated by our people. One of the results of the 14 May and 28 May elections is the Presidential Government System. “This election has put an end to the discussions about the old system. Our country has put an end to the coalition periods, in which the government changes every 3-5 months, to never come again.” used the phrase.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that they do not think that Turkey has time or energy to lose with unnecessary discussions.

“We remain hopeful that the political establishment will also read the will that came out of the ballot box correctly. We will not let go back from here in any case. In the light of 5 years of experience and practices, we will of course take steps to further improve the functioning of the system. We will definitely establish an institutional structure that will lead Turkey’s growth period. But while doing these, we will not harm the gains that our country has achieved by paying a price for the sake of our nation and democracy.

We will not allow the climate of political instability that Turkey has forgotten since 2002 to be resurrected. I hope we will realize our vision of the Century of Turkey with the support and contribution of different segments of our society. All public institutions playing an active role in this process and embracing the Turkish Century will undoubtedly guarantee our success. Provided that each organ remains within its jurisdiction, we will work in harmony and coordination in the upcoming period. I believe that our Court of Accounts, like other organs of our state, will do its part in the new period.”

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