Premier League champions Manchester City double the Super League!

Manchester City achieved great success by reaching the Premier League title for the 4th time in the last 5 seasons. Thanks to these championships, the club will receive a record amount of revenue from the broadcast pool.

Manchester City’s title this season will bring the club a revenue of £166m (approximately £4.1bn), according to research by the Daily Mail. The blue and white club, which put 153 million pounds (3.77 billion TL) in their coffers when they became champions last season, has increased its share especially from foreign broadcasting agreements this season.


20 clubs competing in the Premier League determined their revenues by sharing a total of £2.7 billion (66.5 billion TL) broadcast pool according to various criteria.

Champion Manchester City was the team that took the biggest share with £ 166 million, while Arsenal in second place earned £ 162.2 million (TL 4 billion). Showing a surprise performance, Newcastle United achieved £158.6 million (TL 3.9 billion).

As the Premier League is followed most internationally by Manchester United and Liverpool, a different path has been followed in the distribution of broadcasting revenues since the 2019-20 season. The money that entered the pool through external deals was not distributed equally to the teams, but according to their league rank. In this way, the champions Manchester City received £22m, while Southampton, which is in last place in the league, earned £1.5m.


The annual TV broadcast revenue in the English Premier League was announced as 2.7 billion pounds (approximately 66.6 billion TL). This figure is considerably higher than the broadcast revenue of 2.2 billion TL (89.2 million pounds) in Spor Toto Süper Lig.

A team that is the champion of the Premier League, like Manchester City, earns almost twice as much as all the teams in the Super League.

Shown as the closest team to the championship this season, Galatasaray will win a total of 198 million TL (8 million pounds) if it wins the remaining 2 matches and completes the season with 27 wins.

Fenerbahce, on the other hand, has 19 victories and if they win the last 2 matches and reach the championship with 25 victories, they will put 190 million TL (7.7 million pounds) in their safe.

Here are the earnings of the teams in the Super League broadcast pool:

Participation right: 33.4 million TL

Winning prize: 2.3 million TL

Draw prize: 1.15 million TL

Every championship in the past: 2.86 million TL

Championship award: 33.2 million TL

League second prize: 26.5 million TL

League third prize: 19.9 million TL

League fourth prize: 13.2 million TL

League fifth prize: 6.6 million TL

League sixth prize: 3.3 million TL

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