Prem-Arjun Janya, who has settled down in Mumbai: A gift for Dhruva fans on Dussehra? | Jogi Prem And Arjun …


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| Published: Friday, September 23, 2022, 21:00 [IST]

It is known that Jogi Prem has taken up a new movie after the movie ‘Ek Love Ya’. This is the first time that Dhruva is going to give an action cut to Sarja. He has been working non-stop for the past few months.

Dhruv Sarja and Jogi Prem being the first combination, the movie has created curiosity. How can Dhruva Sarja appear in Jogi Prem’s directorial? Fans are curious. However, Prem has not yet released the title or the teaser of the movie. Not even a small hint was given away. However, Prem and Arjun Sarja, who have been camped in Mumbai for the past few days, are busy working.

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This is not the first movie for Arjun Janya with Jogi Prem. So you know what prem style is. Also, since this is a big budget movie, it seems that only the title teaser is more concerned. Currently both have shared photos on their Instagram.

Arjun Janya- Prem is busy

A few days ago, Jogi Prem and Arjun Janya were in Mumbai. He was seen with music legend Taufiq Qureshi. Now both Arjun Janya and Prem have shared photos from the recording studio. He is working non-stop for his next movie. He has also written the title teaser loading. So Dhruva Sarja fans are eagerly waiting.

Dussehra gift for Dhruva fans

Dhruva Sarja-Prem combination has not given even a hint about the title. Prem will be the creative to announce the new movie. So, for the last few days, Prem has been busy with the launch of the title. According to sources, Action Prince is all set to give his fans a big surprise for Dussehra. Nada is gearing up to release the title teaser for the festival.

Construction of KVN

This rare combination movie is being produced by Sandalwood’s expensive movie production company KVN Production. This movie is also a big budget movie and will give a new experience to the audience. Prem is all set to direct Pakka Mas again.

A prelude to the start of the war

Dhruv Sarja and Prem combination movie is already set. Prem weaves the story of the 70s and creates a city for it. So it can be said that this movie is being produced at pan India level. The title launch itself is being done on a grand scale, Arjun Janya and Prem have camped in Mumbai.

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English summary

Jogi Prem And Arjun Janya Working For Dhruva Sarja Movie Teaser Launch, Know More.

Story first published: Friday, September 23, 2022, 21:00 [IST]

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