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A prosthesis was placed in the abdominal wall due to the hernia that developed due to the cut in the abdomen of Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the Catholics and the President of the Vatican.

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In the information note shared by the Vatican Press Office, it was reported that the operation of the Pope, who was admitted to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome at noon today, was completed without any problems and lasted for three hours.

Doctor Sergio Alfieri, who performed the hernia operation due to the incision in Pope Francis’ abdomen, told the press: “The Pope is well, he is awake. used the phrase.

Alfieri stated that the hernia that developed at the incision site after the Pope’s large intestine operation 2 years ago was repaired by plastic surgery with the help of a prosthetic mesh. It was noted that the 86-year-old Pope’s recovery period will take 5 to 7 days.

Meanwhile, it was stated that all activities were suspended until June 18 due to the operation of the Pope.

In a written statement from the Vatican this morning, it was announced that the Pope, who held the general admission session in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesdays, would go to Gemelli Hospital after today’s session.

It was announced to the Pope that an operation to place a prosthesis on the abdominal wall would be performed by laparotomy and plastic surgery under general anesthesia.

In the Vatican’s statement, it was stated that the hernia that developed at the incision site in the abdomen due to the Pope’s previous operation had been causing pain and some signs of obstruction for a while, therefore the operation became necessary.

He had a large bowel surgery in 2021

Pope Francis, who was elected as the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church in 2013, has one lung due to an infection he had in his youth.

Pope Pope Francis had a large intestine operation in the same hospital on July 4, 2021 and was under observation in the hospital for 10 days.

The Pope, in a statement to Spain’s ABC newspaper in December 2022, stated that he kept his resignation letter ready in case he could not fulfill his duty due to health reasons.

The spiritual leader of the Catholics was taken to Gemelli Hospital on 29 March, this time with the complaint of shortness of breath. Pope Francis, who was treated here for a respiratory infection, was discharged on April 1.

Pope Pope Francis has been participating in events in a wheelchair for a while due to discomfort in his knee.

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