Top 10 Pokimane No Makeup Pictures: Why Internet Thinks…

10 Popular Pokimane No Makeup Looks: Pokimane is a famous video blogger in the world of online streaming. Pokimane streamed videos without makeup that led to a consistent following and made her no makeup pics viral.

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Top 10 Pokimane No Makeup Pictures

1. Pokimane Selfie Picture without Makeup

Pokimanes no makeup 1
Courtesy: Pokiemane Twitter

The right side picture in the above photo caused huge mess in the online world.

2. Pokimane Live Photo without Makeup

pokimane-no-makeup-2Courtesy: Youtube

This is the picture that went viral and caused huge critics to the Twitch star Pokimane.

3. Pokimane Natural Selfie Look without Makeup


The above picture is a selfie, shot naturally without any makeup.

4. This Picture Taken In front of Live Cam


She took this photo in front her live camera.

5. Pokimane Natural Looking Photo


This picture looks so natural and seems like shot in natural lighting. It’s so cute, says some fans while others are in confusion whether its a makeup pic or no makeup one.

6. It’s taken in Natural Lighting in Her Style


7. Another picture taken in her home

pokimane-no-makeup-7This picture looks more natural with no makeup on.

8. A Snap taken in the Room Lighting


9. Selfie Shot


10. Pokimane Natural Selfie Look without Makeup


Pokimane’s real name is Imane Anys, she is famous as Pokimane on Twitch.

Pokimane Quick Facts

  • Pokimane is one of the most popular female video bloggers/streamers of all time.
  • 2 years ago, she was streamed a video without makeup, that caused huge buzz online.
  • Pokimane has a huge fanbase, 5.76 million users/subscribers on her YouTube channel and 5.9 million followers on Twitch.

Before streaming live she said “I actually feel so bare,”. “I have no makeup on so if you think I look different, I’m sorry.”

Later she took 2 hours to put her makeup, along with making her hair and talking with the live fans of her stream.

As a result, Twitch users spammed the usual “thicc” in chat. Some praised her while others criticized.

It looks like her fans base has more young users. It’s very hard to judge millions of fans based on thousands of messages.

However, she apologized to her fans.

Pokimane Streaming Video Without Makeup

Is Pokimane No Makeup Real

As per statement, she decided to try something new to her fans. She streamed without wearing any makeup. Then she puts her makeup in the live video in front of her huge fan base. This caused a lot of mess.

Some of her fans criticized her while others praised.

Pokimane Without Makeup Stream

In October 2018 (Tuesday), Pokimane had streamed a video without makeup. The video turned to a live makeup session.

Her fans were surprised by seeing her in no makeup look for the first time.

This caused huge controversy among her fans. Some fans reacted negatively and couldn’t welcome this change.

While other matured fans who know the no makeup look of any one, welcomed it. She responded with nice replies explaining things to her fans.

At the same time replied to critics saying, calling someone ugly won’t make you any prettier.

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