PM’s son given warning: Party held at his father’s residence

Shukan Bunshun magazine, published nationally Shotaro in PersonHe published the news that he gave a party at the prime minister’s residence.

In the photos of the news, Kishida’s moments of fun with her relatives and foreign guests they hosted in the residence and a person’s pose while lying on the red carpet-covered stairs were seen.

In the news of the State Television NHK, Japan It was reported that Prime Minister Kishida had made the necessary reproaches to the party in question, to his secretary and his son Kishida.

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The main opposition, the Constitutional Democratic Party (CDP), argued in its statement that the party set an example that public and private affairs cannot be separated.

Cabinet Chief Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu, in a statement, “unsuitable” Kishida Shotaro, whom she described as a “soul,” explained that a strong warning was given.

Noting that the government is aware of the situation, Matsuno said, “We will ensure the proper use and management of the (official residence) so that the incident does not recur.”

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Kishida, who assumed the presidency in October 2021, appointed her 31-year-old son, Kishida Shotaro, as executive secretary, as she was completing her first year in office.

Cabinet Chief Secretariat, at that time, made the appointment decision. “personality and intuition” on the basis of “placing the right person in the right place” He stated that it was given with thought.

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