Pawan Kalyan Donates Rs 5 Crore for Farmers Wellfare, Rythu Sankshema Nidhi | Janasena Party

Pawan Kalyan Donates Rs 5 Crore for Farmers Wellfare

Pawan Kalyan donated 5 crore rupees to party fund for farmers wellfare. The said fund will be used for farmers who are died of suicide.

Pawan Kalyan 5 crores donation

The Rs. 5 crore fund donated by pawan kalyan will be used to farmers who run with losses and lost their hope.

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The party will likely work towards identifying and the releasing fund to poor farmers who lost huge amount in farming.

The eligibility criteria of the farmers eligible for this fund will be published soon.

Come back to check eligibility and more on this.

Pawan Kalyan 5 crores donation eligibility

Farmers irrespective of their cast and background will be chosen to give this fund. Mostly farmers who work on lease or rented farming land will get this fund.

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Financially struggling farmers will get highest priority to get this fund under Rythu Sankeshma Nidhi.

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