Pangolin Might Have Caused Covid-19 Outbreak, Tells China Researchers

Friday, a creature that resembles a scaly anteater — also is a delicacy from the civilization — has been suspected of infecting people a report said.

In which meat is marketed, the outbreak of this virus is thought to be connected to a marketplace in Wuhan, China, such as pangolins, mammals with a long snout and scales and tail.

New study proves that the strain of coronavirus found in neighborhood pangolins is 99% identical to the newest spreading among people, according to the South China Agricultural University, which conducted the research, said the official Chinese news agency Xinhua on Friday.

Enlarge ImageA Formosan pangolin in the Taipei Zoo.AFP through Getty Images

“Results revealed that pangolins are a potential intermediate host of this novel coronavirus,” the social media stated, citing the university’s president,” Liu Yahong.

Other researchers said in two research in the journal Nature that was that the outbreak was sparked by bats.

Enlarge ImageSeized endangered pangolin scales have been exhibited during a press conference in the Kwai Chung Customhouse Cargo Examination Compound in Hong Kong.AFP through Getty Images

The study indicates that the virus was passed by bats into pangolins, which acted as the catalyst.

James Wood, head of medicine at the University of Cambridge of Britain, said the South China Agricultural study hadn’t reviewed.

“The signs for the possible participation of pangolins from the outbreak hasn’t yet been released other than by a university press release,” he told Reuters. “This isn’t scientific proof.”

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