Owner of the house with 20 tons of garbage: Don’t do it, these are years of work

In Adana, Çukurova Municipality’s cleaning teams removed approximately 20 tons of garbage from an apartment where bad smells were emitted and insects proliferated. Homeowner KD, who resisted the cleaning efforts of the teams for a long time, said, “Don’t do it, these are years of work. Give me time, I have important belongings inside.” said.

Those who complained about bad smells and insects in an apartment in Toros District applied to Çukurova Municipality and asked for help to solve the problem. The Cleaning Affairs Directorate teams went to the specified address and entered with the permission of the prosecutor’s office. While it was seen that the door of the apartment was difficult to open due to the garbage, the cleaning staff who entered were astonished. lived. Disinfestation was done and the garbage was loaded into the truck in bags. KD (55), the owner of the garbage house, said, “Don’t do this, these are years of work. I have ingredients in the bags, I will choose them. Always stuff. Come and see, there is a blanket. “I have important documents.” He asked that the garbage not be thrown away. After the flat was cleared of garbage, disinfection was done again. While 20 tons of garbage were removed from the house, it was loaded into 2 trucks and taken to the disposal facility.

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