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Flower outside Malini inside

Malini’s stumble turned out to be a boon. Huvi had slipped while walking. The glass that was there pierced Malini’s hand. Seeing this, everyone thought it was suicide. Thus, it was an easy path for Malini to join the Chakraborty clan again. But the condition was that Huvi should not be there before coming home. Gautham will take Huvi to our house. He promised that he would take good care of him and took him there. At this point, Malini came to Chakraborty’s house.

Aryavardhan came to Anu’s house: Will all the family accept the bitter truth..?

The flower is absent

Hoovi was never a housework in Rahul’s household. Instead she was everyone’s favorite daughter. Everyone forgave her even after knowing about the marriage between Rahul and Huvi. Again they made love like before. But now she has sacrificed her happiness for the life of Huvi, Rahul and Malini. Gautham has left the house and gone home. It is known to everyone that Huvi cannot be comfortable there. Atta Rahul called Sundara without stopping. He is relieved to hear the voice. The family also soaks the flower during breakfast.

Mandara quarrel over the issue of flowers

Hoovi and Gautam went home to wish Rahul well. But everything is a new place. So she was worried about how to go to college. When Gautham came there, Mandara completely opposed it. There was a loud commotion. Gautham told his decision towards him. No matter what anyone says, I will drop Huvi to Daily College and left.

Who is Mandara said Akhil?

For so long, Malini’s love was considered pure. But Malini’s idea is different. Akhil was punished for leaking the exam paper during the college day. Now Malini is thinking about the same Akhil. Rahul is sleeping downstairs when Malini tells him not to sleep on the same bed until he is in a better mood. Then in Malini’s mind I will bring you to the street. Papa Akhil chants in her mind how life is now. The viewers will not have any doubt that Malini and Akhil are lovers.

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