New spider species discovered in Hakkari – Last Minute Türkiye News

According to the statement made by the university, the name “Gylippus Merganus” was named after Mergan Plateau in the Heaven and Hell Valley where it is located.

Type materials of the new species, published in the journal “Zoology in the Middle East”, are preserved in the Zoology Museum within the Biodiversity Application and Research Center.

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Stating that the bougainvillea are non-toxic and harmless species, Erdek informed that the species belonging to the gylippus genus are species that prefer microhabitats and most of them are high mountain endemics.

Stating that these species do not spread widely, Erdek stated that the city is home to many different and undiscovered species due to its mountainous and isolated areas.

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Commonly known as “yellow girl”, a different race among arachnids, the bougainvillea are mostly seen in the evening hours.

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