New find in Nord Stream sabotage

The Nord Stream pipeline carrying natural gas from Russia to Germany was mysteriously detonated last spring.

It is still unknown who carried out the sabotage. However, the US-based Washington Post newspaper reported on new findings pointing to Ukraine. According to the news, the intelligence agency of a European country informed the CIA, the US Central Intelligence Agency, three months before the attack. He said the Ukrainian government planned to blow up Nord Stream 1 and 2, but abandoned that plan.

The information given to the CIA included many details, from how many people and by which method the sabotage would take place. These details are almost exactly in line with the findings of Germany’s investigation on the subject. The most striking point in the intelligence report is that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was unaware of it.

According to documents leaked from the Pentagon, reviewed by the Washington Post, Ukrainian Chief of Staff Valeri Zaluzhny deliberately excluded Zelensky from the plans. The aim was to ensure that the Ukrainian leader could deny responsibility. However, according to these reports, Ukraine has put the attack, which it planned to carry out in the summer of 2022, shelved until further notice.

The United States and Ukraine did not respond to Washington Post’s questions on the matter. Ukraine denies being behind the explosions from the very beginning. The United States and its allies initially blamed Russia. However, he later said that “a group not affiliated with the Ukrainian government but supporting Ukraine” may have been behind the explosions.

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