New details in the case that was not prosecuted in the death of British citizen Ayşe (Her mother received her belongings after 3 years) – Last Minute Turkey News

Ararat Özer, whose statement was taken on September 14, 2020, after his death, stated that he and Ayşe were lovers until 8 months ago, that Ayşe was pregnant with him during their relationship, and in his next speech, he said, “There is no child.”

Özer said that they met after Ayşe, whom he learned had come to Turkey a month ago, called him and wanted to meet, and that they stayed at Ayşe’s house 5 days before she committed suicide and left in the morning. Özer said that he went to Ayşe upon her call on September 10, and saw a man leaving her house. When he asked who she was, Ayşe said, “I’m just a friend, there is nothing between us.” he said.

Özer stated that he shouted and slapped me twice because he was angry, and that when the police arrived at the scene, he spent the night at the police station and a restraining order was imposed on him.

Özer said, “I left the police station at noon. I went to Bolu for the transfer process. I was called by the police on the night of September 12th. They said that Ayşe committed suicide. I felt very bad because of the news. I set out and came to Istanbul. Ayşe always told me, “If you leave me, I will commit suicide.” And I would tell him, ‘Don’t be ridiculous, how are you talking?’ “I didn’t think Ayşe would do such a thing.” she testified.

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