New curtain in AKP’s election game: ‘They applied to YSK’

Presidential Election1 day before the second round of AKP‘s new election games continue to emerge.

Old CHP MP and journalist Barış Friend, AKP YSK representative Recep Private‘of, Nation Alliancepresidential candidate of Kemal KilicdarogluTo prevent ‘s witnesses from being at the ballot box Supreme Election BoardHe stated that he made a written application to the YSK (YSK), but the application was rejected.


Yarkadaş, CHP YSK representative from whom he learned the incident Mehmet Hadimi YakupogluWhat he said, from his social media account

“AK Party YSK Representative Mr. Recep Özel made a written application to the Supreme Election Board on May 26, 2023 to prevent the witnesses of our Presidential Candidate, Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, from being at the ballot box.

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Simultaneously, objections to the banning of led screens installed by the Republican People’s Party in accordance with the standards of the YSK propaganda decision were made to both the YSK and the district election boards.

YSK rejected Recep Özel’s objection and decided that the Presidential Candidates should have one observer at each ballot box. In addition, Kocaeli (İzmit) 1st District Election Board continued to resist the Supreme Election Board’s decisions, contrary to Article 79 of our Constitution, that led screens could be used in propaganda stands and in front of district buildings, and dared to take decisions against the Supreme Election Board’s decision twice. found it himself.

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Rumors that these decisions were implemented with the population of the Provincial Police Chief, who was elected as a deputy from the AK Party, spread in Kocaeli. We don’t know what the horse trail is involved in anymore, but we are sure that everything will be fine on May 28.”


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Look what AKP did to prevent Presidential Candidate Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and citizens from exercising their constitutional rights.

Here is what CHP YSK Representative Mehmet Hadimi Yakupoğlu had to say:

“AK Party YSK Representative Mr. Recep Özel, May 26, 2023…

— Baris Yarkadas (@barisyarkadas) May 27, 2023

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