NATO calls for de-escalation in Kosovo – Last Minute World News

NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu made a statement regarding the escalation of tensions following the deployment of police in the municipalities of Leposavic, Zveçan and Zubin Potok, where mostly Serbs live in northern Kosovo.

“We call on institutions in Kosovo to immediately de-escalate, and the parties to resolve the situation through dialogue,” Lungescu said. used the phrase.

Lungescu stressed that NATO’s Peacekeeping Force in Kosovo (KFOR) is on the alert to ensure security.

In a statement made by KFOR, it was stated that the situation in the north of Kosovo was closely followed and all unilateral steps that could lead to an increase in tension were condemned.

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In the statement, “Our first priority is to provide a safe environment with the authority given by the United Nations Security Council.” it was said.

In the northern part of Kosovo, in the municipalities of Leposavic, Zveçan and Zubin Potok, where mostly Serbs live, there was a clash between Kosovo Serbs and security forces, who opposed the appointment of the police.

In the statement made by the Kosovo police, it was stated that the security forces were assigned to help the mayors, who started their duties by winning the local elections held on April 23 in the relevant municipalities, to enter the official buildings.

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It was claimed that the events that started as a result of the Kosovo Serbs gathering in front of the municipal buildings by opposing the appointment of the police continued, and the Serbs blocked the roads to the north of Kosovo with barricades.

It was stated that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic ordered the army to “be ready” and that the members of the army moved to the Kosovo border.

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