Nationalist Martyrs Remembrance Day… Statements from Bahçeli

Here are the highlights of Bahçeli’s statements…

The Nationalist Nationalist Movement is the light of our martyrs and the main body of the Turkish-Islamic spirit. Each of the idealist martyrs is a homeland, a flag. It is the blood that makes the flags a flag, if anyone dies for the land, it is the homeland. Our idealist martyrs were virtuous soldiers of mortal life.

They were people of heart and cause who believed in the Turkish-Islamic ideal to their bones. They burned with the excitement of independence, not with the ambition of Iqbal. For them, the cause was the legacy of existence to be believed and defended with willpower. Those who fell to the ground when they were saplings became plane trees in heaven and took root.

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Small people can’t have big cases, and big cases can’t be mentioned about members who are shrunken and buried in small issues. Those who stone their home when they gain value and personality under the three crescents and become kings will be void in our eyes forever. It is an exemplary truth that the disrepute of those who sell their 3-day world for 5 cents will hang like a black mark on their necks for the rest of their lives.

Now everything is clear. There is nothing hidden, we are in the footsteps of our martyrs, we stand by our veterans. We are the indestructible fortress of Turkey. The Turkish nation has nothing to do with fake nationalists, cave nationalists who see the lamp mountain as a god mountain, nationalists who adorn the windows, and faulty patriots. No one can deceive our nation by wearing a mask.

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Our nationalist martyrs challenged oppression in order to save our nation from living in the land of the hungry and hungry and to prevent destruction and corruption. They suffered from the love of the nation in their hearts and an inexhaustible love in their consciousness.

They were tired, they rested, they were shot, they were tested with treacherous ambushes, but they did not return. Even with their last breath, they said thanks to the country. They did not fall, they did not stumble, they did not give up, they did not collapse. Our martyrs made history in history. Their struggle is our struggle. The day has come, the cause of those who shed tears for the homeland, who shed their tears saying thank you for the homeland, is our cause. Our minds are not mortgaged like others. We become what we see, we appear as we are.

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