National basketball player Sertaç Şanlı was attacked in Barcelona

National basketball player Sertaç Şanlı was attacked by thieves in Barcelona.

According to the news that Sporx based on El Caso from the Spanish press, two robbers on a motorcycle blocked Sertaç Şanlı’s way and stole his watch worth $25,000.

In the incident that took place on Sunday morning, Sertaç Şanlı, who was walking on Paseo de Gracia, was robbed when two motorcycle robbers blocked his way. Approaching Sertaç, the thieves stole the 25,000 euro watch on the player’s wrist and quickly fled the scene.


According to the information conveyed in the news, Sertaç did not intervene against the robbers in order not to be hit or injured during the incident.

An investigation was launched upon the player’s complaint to the police station. However, according to the information conveyed, it was stated that the identities of the thieves could not be determined yet, even though the security cameras were examined.

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