National athlete Kübra Dağlı revolted: ‘Hear our voices enough’

National taekwondo player Kübra Dağlı, who has world and European championships, reacted to the lack of national athlete appointment in her social media account.

The 22-year-old athlete asked for support by tagging many artists and bureaucrats in his Instagram account.

Kübra Dağlı said that no national athlete appointment has been made for the last two years and said, “We have won European and World championships after all these years. No appointment was made. 110 national athletes to be made this year were not appointed. National athletes were not appointed between 2016 and 2019,” he said.

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Kübra Dagli


The national taekwondo player, who called for the athletes not to be used in politics, said, “Now, hear our voice! Do not ignore the efforts we have made for years. By sharing, support us and reach the relevant institution. We have achieved good successes for our country. All we want is the return of our efforts. In addition, we athletes Don’t be a tool of politics. Give your support, maybe it will go to the ears of our President and it will surprise us athletes,” he said.

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