Napoli awaits the final decision of Cristiano Ronaldo

It was stated that Napoli, which is the only team that wants to leave Cristiano Ronaldo, is waiting for the decision of the Portuguese superstar.

It is stated that Cristiano Ronaldo, whose manager Jorge Mendes could not accept Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid due to his high salary, is in talks with Napoli. It was noted that Napoli made a testimonial bargain with Manchester United in these days, which is preparing to enter the last day of the transfer, but the rental agreement is also on the table. It was reported that Jorge Mendes met with Napoli for the second time and that the final decision will be made until the last day of the transfer.

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Italian media announced that Napoli wanted to use the trump card of Cristiano Ronaldo against Victor Osimhen, who was requested by Manchester United.

It was claimed that Napoli wanted Cristiano Ronaldo to be taken on a loan agreement and 70 percent of his salary to be covered by United, in addition to a 100 million euro testimonial from Manchester United for the transfer of Osimhen.

One of the biggest stars of football history, 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo transferred 19 million euros from Sporting to Manchester United in 2003, 94 million euros to Real Madrid in 2009, 117 million euros to Juventus in 2018 and again to Manchester United in 2021. He was transferred to 15 million euros.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who voluntarily joined the end of the season’s camp, took 131 minutes in 3 matches in the Premier League this season.


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