My mom went for the ceremony, I gave up

While the crisis related to the Schengen visa, which Turkish citizens have to obtain when entering the European Union member countries, has increased recently, a police officer who had a wedding in Germany has been added to the list.

According to the news of Posta, the wedding of police officer AK, who is in charge of Istanbul Police Department, was stuck in Germany’s visa barrier.


AK, who has been preparing for the wedding for months, will not be able to attend the wedding ceremony they will hold in Germany in order to unite their lives with his fiancee in Germany due to the visa obstacle. The police officer’s mother, who applied at the same time, was given a visa.

Police officer AK, who stated that he could not make sense of what he was going through, said:

“The preparations we started months ago were rubbish. The wedding ceremony that we planned to go with my mother will be held without me. We applied for a visa to Germany with my mother. Germany gave my mother a visa, but I did not get a visa. Then I applied for a VIP visa from Greece 3 days before my wedding. Her “My mother went to Germany to attend the ceremony, but I cannot go. I have given up looking for another way to go.”

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