Müfit Can Saçıntı’s show was canceled: ‘Our mayor saw your posts’

Famous director, screenwriter and actor, known for productions such as The Dairy Philosopher, The Eighties, It’s Good To Live, My Father’s Jacket Müfit Can Haircut, He was invited by the AKP’s Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa Municipality to perform, and then his performance was cancelled.

Saçıntı, reacting to this situation on his Twitter account, stated that the reason for the cancellation was “Our mayor saw Müfit Bey’s social media posts. He announced that he canceled the show.


Mentioning the municipality as ‘a district municipality in Thrace’ but not giving a name, Saçıntı used the following statements on his social media account:

“Right now, at this hour, I was supposed to be on stage with the organization of a district municipality. It didn’t happen; I’m sitting at home. Why didn’t it happen? What happened? I’ve been performing for the last 6 years! I haven’t knocked on the door of a single municipality for a single day! I expressed my firm attitude to my manager and organizers; ” You will not knock on the door of any municipality on my behalf! If there is an invitation, it is different; municipalities are the municipality of the people, regardless of party, even if that mayor knows it or ignores it…”

I’ve done about 400 shows for 6 years. Only 10-odd of them are municipal demonstrations. Because I did not knock on the doors of any municipality, I only accepted a small number of invitations. Let me also clearly state the municipalities; CHP, AKP, MHP, and Tunceli Municipality; TKP… These were the invitees. Speaking of parties, there were offers from parties! It happened. I did not accept!

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Not because I believe in the “artists don’t do politics” bullshit! I am not a partisan, but I do politics! I’ve been anti-capitalist for as long as I can remember. My films are also anti-capitalist films! I pay the price for this myself; in the simplest capitalist terms; “I am losing profits” However, regardless of party; municipalities are the municipalities of the people. That’s why I come together with the municipality logo, but not with the party logo! Anyway, I’m closing the parenthesis I opened with the word, without the parenthesis!

Three days ago, we received an invitation from a district municipality in Thrace. We agreed on everything! “Can our mayor give a speech before the show?” they asked. We said, “Municipalities are the municipality of all people, if the party will not make propaganda, it can”! They said, “Make sure our president will not make party propaganda”!

They wanted a promotional video! I took it, I sent it. We received a message saying, “They asked if our mayor could also use the name of the municipality”. Just as we were getting ready to shoot a new video, we got a new message; “Our mayor canceled the show” “Why?”


“Our mayor saw Müfit Bey’s social media posts. Canceled the show” This is the summary of the episode that came out! Hey president! What’s in my posts! Prosecutors would do what’s necessary if I shared a word against the law!

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Who are you! ? You may have become president with the votes of a party! But you are the mayor of all people from every party! The municipality’s budget consists of the taxes of people from each party! what do you mean? Is the municipality your father’s farm?

Do you mean that I spend the budget generated by the taxes of citizens from each party only on my followers whose social media posts I like”? You know!


I did not knock on your door; you knocked on my door! However, I steal this mentality from the ground to the ground and complain to my people and my nation! My problem is not money, if money were my problem, I would knock on your door, you are not mine! Anyway!

When I heard the news that the mayor had canceled our show, I burst out laughing. I really laughed; I have witnesses! Our organizer friend Batuhan:

– Sir, are you not upset? He said why are you laughing?

“Why should I be sad?” I said. There was no such mayor for me yesterday, there is no such mayor today. It is void for me, what should I feel sorry for! As the ancients said; I did not exist with the prayer of a mayor, so I will perish with his curse! I don’t know how many years that mayor has existed! However, I have been present since the Kartal Art Workshop Theater in 1986 and the 1990 Levent Kırca So Much to Become program!

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I am here to destroy the unjust and unworthy mentality of such mayors! There are local elections in 10 months! I want to stand by whoever is against this mayor and make a one-man demonstration against this mayor! I will not take a penny! Because my problem is not money; Giving a lesson to the mayor, who is trying to feed the municipal budget, which is created with the money of every citizen, only to his own supporters, and who thinks that the municipality is his own father’s farm!

I’ve been worried about this lesson, I’m waiting for the support of my fans!”

Right now, at this hour, I was supposed to be on the stage with the organization of a district municipality.
It didn’t happen; I am sitting at home.
Why didn’t it?
What happened?
I’ve been doing stage shows for the last 6 years!
I did not knock on the door of a single municipality for a single day!
My firm attitude towards my manager and our organizers… pic.twitter.com/bl7N0nyenT

— Müfit Can Sacinti (@MufitCanSACInTI) May 26, 2023

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