Miyase İlknur took the pulse of the earthquake region in Malatya: People believed in assembly

It is still discussed how the ruling party came to power after the 14 May elections in the provinces hit by the earthquake. In the first episode of our article series, which was published yesterday, we stated that the reason why we did not lose hope in the government was that identity politics prevented the earthquake and the government’s promise of housing. from CHP Veli Ağbaba Everywhere we visited, people believed the video in which PKK images were montaged.

A group we talked to at the cafe summarized why the government, which could not help out for the first three days and sold the most urgent needs to the earthquake victims with money, did not experience the expected defeat: “Malatyali loves power. We are always on the side of strength. This is how we are. Inonu, Menderes, Ozal, Erbakan, and now Erdogan has the power, so we vote for him…”

We had a great conversation with the people in Sürgü, where nationalist and conservative votes were high. We talked politics at many tables in the tea garden. But there was a table among them that should set an example for Turkey. I watched with envy the friendship and conversations of four people sitting around the table, one from the Green Left Party and the others from the MHP. Although these four people have different political tendencies for many years, they maintain their friendship without breaking. To each other “Kirve” he calls.

‘Is there any problem in the opposition?’

When we asked why AKP is still the first party in Malatya, MHP supporters Ahmet Happy, The AKP actually lost votes, but these votes shifted to the MHP and the Welfare Party again in Malatya, and in this case, the government “PKK supports Kılıçdaroğlu” He says his propaganda has had an effect. Another MHP member who is a retired imam Enver Aksoy He also pointed out that the opposition could not handle the assembly issue well. Aksoy, “Doesn’t it show that there is a problem in the opposition, despite the mistakes of the twenty-year-old government, that it still receives this vote?” he asks. Third MHP Sliding Sahin Ozdemir also “Kılıçdaroğlu did everything to lose” He approves of his friends.

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Those who object to these Green Left Party retired teacher Mahmut Şahin, “The government has established its own media, and unfortunately, the media of the government is followed in the countryside. The opposition has to express itself only on its own channels. CHP’s own alliance members did not give Kılıçdaroğlu’na. This nation is in love with its own executioner. What should Kılıçdaroğlu do? says.

MHP member from the group that has been friends for forty years Ahmet Happy, He poses the following question to his friend from YSP, Şahin: “Mahmut yav, I think your party took the wrong decision. When he did not nominate a candidate and supported Kılıçdaroğlu, he played into Erdoğan’s hands. Erdogan immediately gave in to PKK propaganda. However, if you had nominated a candidate in the first round and supported Kılıçdaroğlu in the second round, what do you think, this ‘PKK support’ propaganda wouldn’t have been so good?”

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Hawk, “Well, you are right, kirve. I agree with you” says, and then the retired imam Enver Aksoy’a gets stuck: “It is the work of imams like you that this nation believes every lie, falls under the illusions of power, and sees Erdogan as a sheikh or a sultan!”

The answer of retired imam Enver Aksoy is interesting: “Look… Well, I thought it was the work of teachers like you. It’s as if you have raised very good generations… Let’s get along, Mahmut Hoca; The ruthlessness of this people is the work of both you teachers, us imams and these politicians.”


The common view in Malatya, in which both CHP and People’s Alliance components participate, is that the IYI Party could not provide sufficient support to Kılıçdaroğlu in the presidential elections. This is also accepted by the executives of the IYI Party. IYI Party Provincial Chairman Hakan Yilmaz to CHP provincial administrators “We are aware that we cannot channel our voters enough” says a provincial administrator from the CHP.

IYI Party District President, whom we met in the Polat District of Doğanşehir. Suheyla Kurnaz accepts this fact. He states that they saw that a significant part of his voters did not vote for Kılıçdaroğlu, and that this had the effect of leaving the table and returning, as well as the AKP’s PKK propaganda. However, he says that they hanged with all their might for May 28 and they worked hard, from the formation of the ballot box committee to convincing those who did not go to vote. Indeed, Kurnaz asks how he can help the CHP supporters in the neighborhood to come and vote for those who have migrated to other provinces.

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Questionable Chests

There are plenty of Turkey’s dubious ballots in Malatya. There are interesting results in some of the Battalgazi and Pütürge chests. Do you say the ballot boxes with more votes than the number of voters, the ballot boxes where the CHP received zero votes in the ballot box where the CHP officer is present, the ballot boxes that did not cancel even one of the votes in the ballot box, and all of them went to Erdoğan and AKP?

In the last election in Pütürge’s Arınlı village, 93 votes came out of the ballot box with 92 voters. There was not a single cancellation and 92 of the votes went to AKP and one to YRP.

The lawyer appointed by the CHP for the objection was personally battered by the village headman İbrahim Ayaydın and his men. The person appointed as a polling officer for 28 May was threatened by the headman and asked not to come to the village on the election day.

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