Minister Varank: We expect 37 billion dollars tourism income

Industry and Technology Minister Varank who came to Adıyaman, Governor Mahmut Çuhadar, AK Party deputies Ahmet Aydın, Halil Fırat, Yakup Taş, Muhammed Toprak, Mayor Süleyman Kılınç, Adıyaman University Rector Prof. Dr. He was welcomed by Mehmet Turgut and members of the protocol. Minister Varank, who started his contacts by visiting Governor Çuhadar, later attended the protocol signing ceremony of ‘GAP Adıyaman Projects’ and ‘İpekyolu Development Agency Financing Support Program’. Varank, who also attended the opening ceremony of the ‘Adıyaman Tourism Sector Revitalization Project’ held at the Governor’s Office, addressed tourism representatives. Emphasizing that Turkey’s historical and natural beauties cannot be counted, Minister Varank said, “There are so many beautiful places in Turkey that it contains historical and natural beauties at the same time. This is how we see Adıyaman, our ancient city, the meeting point of civilizations. We see it as one of the most important provinces. As you know, tourism is a sector that has an important role in both regional and national development. We are experiencing pleasing developments in tourism after the pandemic. Tourism performance in the first half of this year exceeded our expectations. 47 million tourists, 37 billion dollars in tourism in the whole of 2022. We expect income. Of course, these developments in every field in our country, this rise does not happen on its own. As the government, we carry out serious studies within the scope of the development of tourism all over our country. We are almost rebuilding archaeological sites, historical sites, cultural centers. In addition to these, we also provide infrastructures to support tourism. no We don’t ignore time,” he said.

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Stating that they are trying to make black propaganda about airports, Minister Varank said, “We are sometimes asked ‘Why are you building these airports?’ “They are angry. They are trying to make black propaganda about them. Thanks to those airports, we did not experience the ugly images of the world this year in Turkey. While passengers reach their luggage in an average of 15 minutes at Istanbul Airport, this takes an average of 4-5 hours at European airports. Flights.” “It was canceled, tourists were turned away. Suitcases were lost at different airports around the world, especially in Europe, tourists suffered greatly. If we did not experience such a situation, it is thanks to our investments in airports,” he said.

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After the ceremony, Minister Varank visited historical areas and made inspections in some factories.

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