Minister Özhaseki: We will continue the urban transformation until the end

Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Mehmet Özhaseki, who came to Erzincan together with AK Party Deputy Chairman Binali Yıldırım, was welcomed by Governor Hamza Aydoğdu, AK Party Erzincan Deputy Süleyman Karaman, Mayor Bekir Aksun and party members at Yıldırım Akbulut Airport. Özhaseki and Yıldırım, after visiting the Governor’s Office, the urban transformation project, Vasgirt Creek Nation’s Garden and Erzincan Provincial Directorate of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, groundbreaking, opening of the Solid Waste Transfer Center and the key and title deed delivery ceremonies will be held at Kızılay Hocabey Mahallesi TOKİ Residences. He went to the ceremony area.

Reminding that Turkey is an earthquake country, Minister Özhaseki said, “We do not say it to scare anyone, we cannot have such a problem anyway. Turkey is known as one of the 5 countries at risk of earthquakes on the line starting from the Himalayas to the Alps, and it is expressed as such. In the past 100 years, They are described as 6 or more destructive earthquakes in Anatolian lands and seas. The number of earthquakes is 226. If it is on land, the number of earthquakes is 60. The number of people who died is 130 thousand. It is really difficult to describe the material damage or to give a number. 100 billions of dollars .

The lives we give to the soil are, of course, another source of pain for us. Our population living in 66 percent of our land lives in the 1st and 2nd degree earthquake zones. There are particularly well-known fault lines. The first is the North Anatolian Fault Line, the second is the East Anatolian Fault Line, and the seismicity on the Aegean side. While we live in this country, we have to act knowing the situation of the geography we live on. Whatever we do, we have to do these movements below without forgetting them. If we’re smart, there’s no point in hitting our knees afterwards. We take precautions at the beginning of the job, do the right things and feel comfortable here as well. If not, God forbid. We regret them too. In fact, the 1939 Erzincan earthquake is always told, said and continued in history. Then there is a line that comes to Niksar, Tosya, Bolu, Abant, Gölcük and Marmara. During this seismicity, which is constantly moving forward and backward on this line, we will not be upset if we take a step, knowing the activity under the ground, while doing everything we do, even if we are doing something small, even if we are doing it. Look, there was an earthquake about 6 months ago, another earthquake 9 hours later. 14 million people were affected here. 18 of our cities were directly damaged by this work. The number of living things we put into the soil is more than 50 thousand. Language is easy. We do not even mention the material damage. 680,000 houses were destroyed, and around 170,000 single-storey places such as workplaces, warehouses and barns were destroyed. It’s easy to say; We say ‘850 thousand independent units were destroyed’, it is that simple to say. But if you look at the expansion of 850 thousand, it means that 5 cities like Adıyaman and 6 cities like Malatya have been destroyed. “It’s such a big earthquake,” he said.


Explaining in his speech that an imam he met in Japan experienced during the earthquake, Özhaseki said:

“If there is an earthquake there, people lose their sleep and turn left and right, but when there is an earthquake, everyone throws themselves out of the window, we have something strange. True ancient cities. Cities that have lived for hundreds of years, thousands of years. Especially the static calculations of our cities, which were made before 2000, may be more sensitive. It seems like it is troublesome when it is exposed to an earthquake because it cannot be built. Maybe strange people, small houses and simple houses may have been built out of poverty, but we should build such beautiful houses in regions like Erzincan that will be subject to earthquakes from now on, no matter how comfortable the Japanese citizen there is. “If people don’t turn around and throw themselves out of the window because of an earthquake there, we should sit here more confident than they do. Hopefully, we are trying to build these houses with these feelings for this purpose. Not only in the earthquake zone, yes there is a sensitive situation there, more than 1 million 900 thousand people.” our citizens are out of their homes, we will move them to their homes as soon as possible. Apart from that, we will continue the urban transformation in all our surrounding cities such as Erzincan and Elazığ until the end. We will build these beautiful houses, we will move our citizens here. They will sit safely and pray for us.”


Taking the podium after Minister Özhaseki, AK Party Deputy Chairman Binali Yıldırım said that they came together for the beginning of a new service in Erzincan. Emphasizing that they are in a city that comes to mind when an earthquake is mentioned, Yıldırım said, “The earthquake we experienced in Kahramanmaraş went down in history as the disaster of the century in which we had a much greater loss than the Erzincan earthquake. After the earthquake, the place of Erzincan was changed twice. We know the job of urban transformation well. Very beautiful houses we built. It was delivered to our citizens. Our people live in peace and security. Cities only make sense if they live in them. It is the people who live there that give souls to cities. Therefore, one of the most important issues that we should consider while constructing these buildings is earthquake resistance, besides that, environmentally friendly, livable 24 hours a day. is to build buildings with a living soul.

TOKİ once again showed that it has built the most reliable buildings in the last 6 February earthquake. In many of our cities, while many buildings were destroyed, TOKİ remained intact. This is a measure of the value our state places on its people. This should set an example to all new builders. We do not build places for people to be graves, but for them to live in peace and forever. What you do here will not only have legal consequences for you, but also bring a lifetime of conscientious responsibility. The earthquake of February 6 was such a great disaster that; 14 million people were directly affected here. An area of ​​110 thousand square kilometers was directly affected. I am asserting that if such an earthquake had occurred in developed countries, believe me, they would have been under this earthquake. Let alone the earthquake, a small flood happens, they cannot go to that area for weeks. Our President started the work on the same day. It has been months since the earthquake. Every day the foundation is laid, every day those buildings are rising. Easy to say, 680,000 independent sections and more than 150 thousand workplaces. So we’re talking about building a city. We are talking about 3 trillion liras. This was something that was unexpected, something that none of us had foreseen. 110 billion dollars is more than the national income of each of the 40-50 countries in the world. This shows Turkey’s power. 85 million mobilized. He worked day and night for 2-3 months and the wounds healed and the construction of the houses is continuing,” he said.

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