Minister Nebati met with Mersin youth

Nureddin Nebati, the Minister of Treasury and Finance, who is the 1st deputy candidate for Mersin from the AK Party, met with the youth in the Nation’s Garden in the central Akdeniz district as part of the election activities. AK Party Mersin Deputy Hacı Özkan also attended the youth meeting. Minister Nebati, in his conversation with the youth, stated that the AK Party carried out important works for the youth after coming to power, and said, “We will carry out important works for the youth in Mersin, especially in the fields of technology and informatics. Our President attaches importance to Mersin. It is always related to the economy, “We have started when he sent us to serve here as the Minister of Treasury and Finance, I hope we will continue. It is our brother in Izmir, our comrade in Kars, and our soul in Isparta,” he said.

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Nebati also touched upon investments in the conversation, and after his speech, he took selfies with the young people. Minister Nebati then took a souvenir photo in front of Togg, who was in the area.

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