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Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati, in his post on his Twitter account, stated that what happened on the Ankara-Istanbul plane on Monday evening, 29 May, was completely distorted to the public, and it became necessary to make a statement in order to inform the public correctly as the manipulation on the subject continued. .

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Stating that the delay in the departure time of the plane had nothing to do with his person, Nebati said:

“The only reason for the delay is the weather opposition, as I was informed along with the other passengers. Moreover, it is clear from the recorded footage that some other passengers continued to board after I took my place on the plane. While I was taking my place on the plane, due to the provocative direction of a CHP deputy, I was subjected to verbal taunts by a group that could not digest the will of the nation. Although the reason for the delay was the weather opposition, they made false accusations by trying to create a perception as if it was me. Thereupon, I clearly and clearly reminded these people about the reason for the delay and that they should now accept the democratic choices of our nation. I made this reminder only for these few people.”


Nabati stated that for 21 years, far from being a master to the nation, on the contrary, they are the soldiers of a political understanding that has been working day and night in order to be a servant and to bring centuries-old works to the country. Emphasizing that no malicious perception operation can ever come between them and the nation, Nebati said, “It will never harm our bridges of heart. This situation has been proven once again by our nation with the election results we have left behind. I leave these ugly distortions, which consist of a perception operation, to the discretion of our nation, and I invite these known circles to accept the fact that politics can never be built on lies.” used his statements.

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