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Under suspicions that his three substitutions so far this year respond to Atlético’s attempt to lower Barcelona’s 40 million euros if he plays 45 minutes in 50% of the games in which he has been available this year, Griezmann go in the position of asserting yourself from half an hour to half an hour. Last night, for the third time in a row, he entered the field with just over an hour of play. And he comes out eating grass in his first interventions. In Getafe he scored a goal with the first clear ball he had, against Villarreal he led a full-throttle counterattack and in Mestalla he won the match for Atlético with his first touch of the ball. Like that Vinnie Johnson of the Detroit Pistons who condensed high scores in a few minutes, Griezmann rescued his team from a tie that was too much off his head.


Mamardashvili, Mouctar Diakhaby, Eray Cömert, Lato (Diego López, min. 80), Thierry Correia (Foulquier, min. 68), Samu Castillejo (Francisco Martinez, min. 73), Carlos Soler, Yunus Musah, Samuel Lino, Hugo Guillamón (Nico González, min. 68) and Marcos André (Maxi Gómez, min. 73)


Oblak, Marcos Llorente, Witsel, Reinildo Mandava, Saúl (Carrasco, min. 45), Giménez, Koke, Kondogbia (Griezmann, min. 63), De Paul (Lemar, min. 63), João Félix (Matheus Cunha, min. 82) and Morata (Strap, min. 82)

goals 0-1 min. 65: Griezmann.

Referee Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez

Yellow cards Saúl (min. 13), Marcos André (min. 17), Reinildo Mandava (min. 26), Thierry Correia (min. 41), João Félix (min. 54), Eray Cömert (min. 75) and Francisco Martinez (min. 82)

As could be expected from two visceral coaches, the game was born inflamed. With two teams tense and ready for the combat of soccer-friction. There are many tics that relate to Gattuso and Simeone. The two were two soccer players with guts, legs and that kind of passion that evangelizes followers for their ability to transmit their fervor as choreographers of soccer feelings. Mestalla seems as dedicated to its impulsive Italian coach as the Metropolitano to its Argentine counterpart.

In this type of war, the stands play their weight, and the Valencia fans charged with decibels so that their footballers came out winners of the duels. But since football is played with the ball and it’s about having a good time, Valencia came out the winner in that battle to own it. No one like Oblak, who has become his rival’s best passer, expressed the bewilderment in which Atlético was submerged. Bad for Simeone’s team when the Slovenian shows signs of nervousness. Loss by loss, Guillamón and Musah marked territory and Carlos Soler ate it up behind De Paul, Kondogbia and Koke. The Valencian captain was undetectable for that center of the containment field that contained nothing and even less created. Thierry and Samu Castillejo on the right and Lato, on the left, stabbed the fragility that the rojiblancos exhibited on their sides. An evil that his rivals shamelessly throw themselves at. It didn’t take long for Saúl to be charged with a yellow card, punished by Thierry’s speed and Samu Castillejo’s hot waist

Overtaken by a rival with a sharp fang, Musah burst Oblak’s goal with a far right hand, both surprised and misplaced. It saved Atlético that the VAR demanded the review of the referee in the previous action due to Diakhaby’s lack of João Félix. The annulment somewhat deflated Valencia rather than improving Simeone’s men. Gattuso’s footballers made the mistake that the quality of their footballers emerged for Atlético without the need to find a game. Thierry was involved in all the concessions. First with a poor delivery that ended with João Félix forcing Mamardashvili into a good flight. After eating a ball from Giménez that Morata chased and ended up knocking him down when he was the last man. If the VAR relieved Atlético, so did Valencia by making the referee rectify the red card he showed Thierry. This closed his trilogy of cantes with a poorly completed crossover that allowed João Félix to let Morata meet Mamardashvili. His saving toe describes a constantly growing goalkeeper who aims high.

That’s where the first time died. The second was born with the change of Saúl, threatened by yellow, by Carrasco. It did not help Atlético to take the initiative, which continued to be subdued in the trench game, although less overwhelmed in the vicinity of the area. At the usual game time so far this season, Simeone called Griezmann and Lemar. Since Kondogbia and De Paul did not contain, he went to find the game by sharpening the interiors. And the play came out round because the first time they had between the two they mounted the counter that Griezmann culminated with that shot that entered after touching Carlos Soler.

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