Mert Ramazan Demir, Ferit of the new series The Kingfisher: They are in conflict because of their egos

Yalı Çapkın is on the air. What kind of adventure awaits us?

– After an intense shooting process, our first episode is on the screen tonight and we are excited. A tense and gripping story awaits the viewer.

What was it about the show that impressed you and made you want to be in this job?

– The first thing that caught my attention when I read the script was that I had never known or played such a character before. The experience of empathizing with Ferit excited me.


What kind of duo are Seyran and Ferit?

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– They are both sarcastic characters and constantly clashing over their egos. This similar situation drags them into a fun but toxic relationship.

If you had to describe this show in one sentence, what would it be?

– Man does everything.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of working with Afra Saraçoğlu?

– Every aspect of working with Afra is enjoyable and a great partner.


What is your character Ferit like?

– Ferit lived in existence and was brought up as a baby rose due to his illness, but on the one hand, he was under great pressure. Every time, this strange mood he was in caused him to find himself in events that he would not want to do. He lived his life as he thought, and he did not stop because he was not afraid of anyone except his grandfather…

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How did you feel when you first read the script?

– A scenario that gives importance to the story of all the other characters, not just the main characters. He cares about the story of all the characters and every detail is considered. That’s why as soon as I read it, it dragged me into that world.

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You were in Antep for the first episodes of the series, how did it feel to be in this city, is it your first visit?

– I’ve only been here for a short while. I think Antep is a very beautiful city, its historical texture is very well preserved and its food is delicious.

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