“May their way be clear” polemic between CHP and IYI Party – Last Minute Turkey News

“We don’t say stay for those who want to go, let their path be open. They know it.” CHP Spokesperson Faik Öztrak said, “Let everyone’s path be clear and bright. No one should draw up a road map for the IYI Party.” His words were answered.

IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener’s statement that “we will go to local elections with our own candidates in every province” turned into a showdown between CHP and IYI Party. “May their way be open” came out from both parties.

Faik Öztrak said, “If I talk about the statements made there, it will confuse the nation. Since they will walk on their own path, we say to them that their paths will be open. Then our nation will think about what to do…”

CHP Spokesperson, who was a guest on FOX TV broadcast, evaluated Akşener’s statement with these words.

Responding to Öztrak, who said to the IYI Party, “May their way be open,” came from the IYI Party Group Deputy Chairman, Müsavvat Dervişoğlu, who held a press conference in the Parliament. Dervişoğlu said that alliances hurt the parties and they no longer believe in alliances.

Asked about the possibility of Ankara and Istanbul losing if the IYI Party nominates a candidate, Dervişoğlu said, “Mansur Bey and İmamoğlu’s chief are Kılıçdaroğlu. he replied.

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