The Massive Bone Of Jurassic Dinosaur was Found In France Belongs To forty-Ton Sauropod

Paleontologists have actually uncovered the substantial upper leg bone of a gigantic dinosaur in France, in what researchers hail as a major exploration. French paleontologists discovered the femur measuring about 2 meters long in a thick layer of clay at the Angeac-Charente excavation site recently.

Angeac-charente Excavation Website In France

The Angeac Charente’s area near the city of Brandy is well-known for digging deep into fossils of the most significant dinosaurs. The recently discovered bone is just one of the more than 7,500 fossils of over 40 species located right here considering that 2010.

Other amazing find in the location include a 34-centimeter phalanx coming from a sauropod, which was discovered in July 2014.

A 140 million-year-old forest was additionally excavated right here in 2017. Researchers have actually additionally discovered 7,000 bones belonging to dinosaurs, crocodiles, as well as turtles.

The most recent find in the location is an unspoiled bone that came from among the biggest animals that walked on earth.

Major Discovery

Scientists believe the bone belonged to a sauropod, a plant-eating dinosaur identified by lengthy neck and also tail. This specific pet lived more than 140 million years ago throughout the late Jurassic age.

Ronan Allain, paleontologist at the National Background Gallery of Paris, said these prehistoric animals likely considered between 40 and 50 heaps.

Allain called the discover a significant discovery, citing the thigh’s great state of conservation, which seldom occurs in the remains of large animals.

” We can see the insertions of muscle mass and ligaments as well as scars” Allain claimed. “This is unusual for large pieces which have a tendency to collapse know themselves and also piece.”


Sauropods are amongst the biggest creatures that lived on the planet.

The dinosaur Patagotitan mayorum, one of the biggest dinosaurs ever uncovered is a sauropod. It extended 120 feet in size and also evaluated 70 loads. It belonged to the group of titanosaurs, the last surviving team of sauropods.

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