Madhuri Opens Up Today Heroines Of The 90s Are Getting Better Roles Than The Heroes Of The 90s


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| Updated: Friday, September 23, 2022, 18:54 [IST]

Madhuri Dixit is one of the leading actresses of Bollywood. The actress made her film debut in 1984. Even though her first film ‘Abodh’ was not noticed, Madhuri’s fans accepted her as an actress with the film ‘Tessaab’. After that, the actress acted in films such as Hum Appke Kon, Koyala Devdas, Hum Tumara Hai Sanam, Dil Toh Pagal and many more. Madhuri Dixit is a well-known star in the film world who has acted with most of the Bollywood actors.

Another feature is that the actress’s acting prowess has not changed even at the age of fifty-five. 35 years of Madhuri’s film career as an actress and dancer have passed. The actor who is active in movies has appeared as a judge in many reality shows.

Recently, the actress spoke about her acting career in Bollywood. ‘Films took a long time to complete when I started my film career, some took up to seven years. At that time, the film industry had not grown so much.

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The actors of the day are not even asked about their dialogues or when the shoot will start. Today that all changed. Actors and actresses in movies choose movies according to their budget. Today is a situation that is readily available to all of them.

Everything just got so easy today. After years, I understand the changes that have happened in the Bollywood film world, said the actor.

Now the actress’s words to the launch party of her upcoming film ‘Maja Maa’ have been noticed. In the words of the actress,

“Comparing the acting situation of heroes and heroines in the 90s today, male characters were at the forefront at that time,” said Madhuri. Today’s heroes want to play the roles that the heroines of those days played. But the characters of the heroines are at the forefront today.

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Women are more mature than men today. Men don’t think like women, they want to walk their own paths. Many of the actresses of that time have made progress in their personal lives and careers today. But men don’t seem to have changed, the actress said.

The actor’s recent talk about women empowerment in an audience also caught the attention of fans. The presence of women in the films of earlier times was less. But today I am happy that there is a female presence behind every film. Women can be seen in various departments including as camera persons and DOPs. All find happiness in this, Madhuri said.

‘Women are everywhere. It’s amazing to see writers and directors doing such great work,’ said the actor.

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Director Anand Tiwari’s film is getting ready for the release of the actress. Actress Madhuri Dikshat and Gajaraja Rao are playing the lead roles in the film titled ‘Maaja Maa’. Apart from this, the film also stars Barka Singh, Srishti Vastava, Rajit Kapoor, Simon Singh, Sheeba Chadha, Malhar Thakar and Ninad Kamat.

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