Macron: No Russian flag at 2024 Paris Olympic Games

While uncertainty continues about the participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus in the Summer Olympic Games, which will be hosted by the French capital Paris next year, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his opinion.

Speaking to the French sports newspaper L’Equippe, Macron stated that “Russia has no place in the Olympics at a time when it commits war crimes”; “There cannot be a Russian flag at the Paris Olympic Games,” he said.

Pointing out that the main problem is how to distinguish between Russian athletes who support Putin’s war efforts and athletes who are victims of the regime, Macron underlined that it is also important for Ukrainians to understand this situation.

“This is the real question, and therefore the Olympic world has conscientious views to give and guarantees to set,” Macron said. he said.


According to the news in Euronews Turkish, Macron insisted that there was “a consensus” on not flying the Russian flag at the games, but noted that the final decision on the participation of individual Russian and Belarusian athletes in the games belongs to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its president, Thomas Bach. .

Despite its ongoing occupation in Ukraine, the IOC, which supports Russia and its longtime ally Belarus, recommended that athletes from these two countries be allowed to participate in international competitions as neutral individuals.

The IOC announced last year that sanctions against Russia and Belarus would remain “strictly” in effect.

These athletes compete under a neutral flag, and their participation determines whether they actively support the war in Ukraine.

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